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2019 Virtuoso Travel Week Recap #2

Last week we shared our first of two Virtuoso Travel Week recaps featuring some of our favorite hotels we reconnected with, wonderful spots for family and group travel, our favorite hotel brands and some new-to-us discoveries. In our 2019 Virtuoso Travel Week Recap #2, we’ve broken down our favorites list into various themes, including beach/island destinations, wellness, hotels for the adventure-seekers, your next romantic getaway, and the best in food & wine.

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2019 Virtuoso Travel Week Recap #1

After attending the 2019 Virtuoso Travel Week in Vegas, we are now completely re-inspired. A major theme of this year’s Travel Week was The Wanderlist. A Wanderlist is not just a list of places you hope to visit one day. Instead it is an intentional vision for your travel. That’s where we come in! We want to help you make your Wanderlist so we can plan where you are celebrating your next milestone, whether it be your anniversary, birthday, family reunion, etc. In your Wanderlist, let’s include your family Christmas trips, spring breaks and big summer vacations. By being intentional about your travel, you’ll be able to look down the road and be excited about planning the next trip on your intentional Wanderlist!

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